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Learning and Development has evolved over years from the early days of slide turner based learning to immersive experiences using gamification and dynamic user based learning plans. CUBE Learning has been at the forefront of helping companies embrace, develop their learning material or helping set up greenfield learning platforms.

Furthering the creed from "Just in time, Just enough" to “Just in time, Just enough and Just in platform”, CUBE Learning comes with over 20+ years and 2000+ hours of Learning Development experience. We specialize in,

Learning Design

Our Learning Design team comes with vast knowledge, capabilities and experience in the Instructional Design domain. Below are some significant activities, approaches and processes we adopt,

  • Conducting thorough Training Need Analysis
  • Doing content analysis and gathering
  • Offering effective instructional strategy and evaluation solutions
  • Finalizing training goals, performance objectives and learning objectives
  • Conducting SME interviews and employee surveys to measure effectiveness of training
  • Offering continual support to your training department with existing current and future training
  • Making sure the learning modules are 100% learner centric as well as organization centric
  • Ensuring that the training content and methodologies are up-to-date and adhering to trends

  • Graphic Design

    We have an expert group of Graphic designers/artists, illustrators, animators, 3D modellers, etc., who gives a visually rich experience to the courses. Effective learning can happen in engaging, fun and interesting ways!!!

    Our talents come from artistic academic backgrounds such as, Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Visual Communication, Product Design, etc., holding degrees from some of the most reputed design institutes and colleges in India.

    Our core graphic design capabilities lie in creating visual communication tools used in web-based and computer-based training, such as:

  • User interface design
  • Game-based, story-based and immersive learning platforms
  • 2D illustrations & animations
  • Software simulations
  • Other simulation platforms

  • Technology Design

    We have an innovation-driven team of programmers, developers, content integrators, and testers with a vast and deep knowledge in E-learning technologies and applications. They form the back-end of our courses. Below are some of our programming capabilities

  • Expertise in a wide range of LMSs for crafting and hosting courses
  • LMS Customization
  • Courseware architecting (includes SCORM and AICC)
  • Deploying
  • Hosting
  • User administration and tracking

  • Quality Assurance

    CUBE interprets quality in a very different paradigm where the emphasis is on the cost of quality as against just the mere quality. Cost of Quality is the cost spent to achieve zero defect stage. Cost of quality is inversely proportional to the overall quality and process reliability.

    To achieve lower cost of quality, predictability of process becomes responsibility of every team member, partner and associate of CUBE. It is our ongoing commitment to the development of our courses as well as our people.

    To enable us to keep the cost of quality low, CUBE relies on

  • Usability and user experience testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Quality Audits
  • Best Practices from QA & Project Management Process
  • Quality Management